$2.5 Salt & Pepper Pistachios
$3 Kettle Salt n’ Pepper Chips
$4 House-Made Salsa & Tortilla Chips



Organic Hummus with Grilled Sourdough $6
House-made organic hummus & grilled bread (or substitute chips)
Add veggies - carrot, celery & cucumber (+2)

Salmon & Chèvre Plate $12
Wild smoked king salmon with capers & red onions, herbed chèvre, mixed olives and grilled sourdough

Cheese & Salami Plate $10
French brie, herbed chèvre, swiss cheese, salami, grilled sourdough, cucumber, sliced apple, walnuts

Tossed Green Salad $6
Spring greens, celery, carrot, cucumber, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette
Add house tuna mix (+$3)

Arugula, Goat Cheese & Pecan Salad $9
Mixed arugula with herbed chèvre & toasted pecans tossed in a house-made balsamic vinaigrette with sliced apples



Grilled Sandwiches On Grand Central Sourdough + chips (+$2) + salad (+$3)

Le Grilled Cheese - $6
Cheddar & swiss cheese, marinated fennel & onion, mustard, herbed olive oil

Cheese, Plants & Pesto - $9
Sundried tomatoes, arugula, swiss cheese & pesto
Add salami (+$3)

Salmon Mediterranean - $10
Wild smoked king salmon, olives, sundried tomatoes, arugula, swiss cheese, pepper

Roasted Beets, Herbed Chèvre & Arugula - $9
Roasted beets, herbed chèvre & arugula

Salami - $8
Hard salami, cheddar cheese, marinated fennel, onion, mustard
Add arugula (+$2)

Tuna Melt - $10
Free-range grass-fed Oregon line caught tuna, capers, citrus, onion, mayonnaise, mint, seasonings, swiss cheese, herbed olive oil, mustard